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How do I add a new user?

Follow the below steps to add another user to Plan-IT:

  1. Click in the menubar on the option System.
  2. Select the option Management.
  3. In the window that opens, click with the right mouse button on the green Plan-IT bar.
  4. Select the option Add user.

The following window appears:

  1. In the field Login, type the name that you want to give the user. This is the username that the user will have to enter in the login screen.
  2. In the Password field, type the paddword for the user.
  3. When everything has been entered properly, click on the Save button.

Give user rights

After creating a new user, it will be shown in all establishments and brands, but by default it is set to Not visible everywhere. The user first has to receive rights to be able to view details or perform actions in an establichment or brand.

There are several different rights levels, and only a user with Master rights can change the rights of other users.

Click in the Management window on the establichment or brand in which you want to give the new user rights.

A list appears with all users underneath each other. The colors and the letter in the bottom right corner of the user button give an indication which rights they currently have.

he following rights profiles exist in Plan-IT Workshop:

this user can login, but only view data (color is orange and there is a V in the bottom right corner).

Not visible: this user cannot login to this establishment (color is grey and there is an N in the bottom right corner).
View: this user can login, but only view data (color is orange and there is a V in the bottom right corner).
User: can create, edit and delete work orders. There are no rights to edit base settings and system settings (color is green and there is a U in the bottom right corner).
User +: this user has the same rights as a regular user but there are additional rights that can be turned on in the System settings for this account type (color is light green and there is a U+ in the bottom right corner).
Administrator: has rights to change/add base setting but has no access to the Management section (color is red and there is an A in the bottom right corner).
Master: has all rights within an establishment as well as access to the Management section (color is yellow/green and there is an M in the bottom right corner).
Default establichment: this option will let the user start in this establishment directly after logging in (a D will appear in the top left corner of the user button). When no default establishment is selected, then Plan-IT will start with the first active establishment where the user has rights.

To give a user rights in the selected establishment or brand, click with the right mouse button on a user and in the contect menu select the preferred rights profile. In each establishment or brand, a different rights profile can be selected for the same user.

Edit or delete a user

To edit the data of a user, click on the User button in the bottom right corner of the management window to switch to the user section. Instead of the establishments and brands, now the users are listed in the top of the window.

By clicking with the left mouse button on a user, you can see which rights they have in each establishment. Click with the right mouse button on a user and select the option Edit user in the contect menu to edit the data.

You can also delete a user from the user section by clicking with the right mouse button on a user and selecting the option Delete user.

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