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How do I set up a work schedule for an employee?

When you add a new employees in Plan-IT, they do not yet have working hours on the planboard. Follow the below steps to add working hours on which work orders can be scheduled:

Opening the calendar

You add working hours in Plan-IT in the calendars of employees. Follow the below steps to open the calendar:

  1. Click in the menubar on the option File.
  2. Select the option Calendar. The Calendar window appears:

In the bottom of this window is a field to select another employee, and buttons to navigate to another month or year.

Below is a description for several different ways to add working hours:

Copy working hours

The easiest way to add working hours for a new employee is to copy these from an existing employee:

  1. In the bottom left corner of the Calendar window, in the Employee field, select the employee from which you want to copy the working hours.

  1. Click with the right mouse button on a day you want to copy.
  2. Select the option Copy.

  1. Then select the new employee to which you want to copy the copied day in the Employee field in the bottom left corner.
  2. Click with the right mouse button on an empty day where you want to paste the copied day and select the Paste option.

Fill a year

You can also fill a new year all at once. Follow the below steps for that:

  1. In the calendar window, click with the right mouse button on a week number and select the Copy option.
  2. Navigate to the first month of the new year with the buttons below the calendar.
  3. Click with the right mouse button on the first week of the new year and select the Paste special option.
  4. A pop-up window appears with the message that you will copy the week repeatedly to the end of the year. Click on the Yes button to confirm this.

Add new working hours

When there are no other employees available in Plan-IT with working hours, or when you want to give the new employee other working hours, you can add new working hours:

  1. In the Calendar window with the new employee selected, click with the right mouse button on an empty day..
  2. Select the option Add.

The Adapt working time window appears:

The name of the employee and the date are automatically filled in.

  1. Enter a Starting time and End time. Keep the break times in mind here. For example, when the employee has a break from 10:00 until 10:15 then enter the starting time of the working day until the first break (for example from 8:00 until 10:00).
  2. Then click on the Save button.

The first block of working time appears in the Calendar window.

  1. Again click with the right mouse button on the same day and select the option Add once more.
  2. Enter the second time slow (for example from 10:15 until 12:30) and click on the Save button again.
  3. Fill the entire first day this way.

Now you can copy and paste the day as it is described previously on this page.

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