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What should I do if Autoline work order numbers are already in use?

Autoline uses a limited number of work order numbers. When Autoline has used all work order numbrs, Autoline starts using the work order numbers from the beginning again.

Because work order numbers in Plan-IT are unique, reusing work order numbers that already exist in Plan-IT causes problems.

To solve this, you can perform a Cleanup in Plan-IT. This will delete all work orders that are older than a date that you can specify. This way you prevent problems when Autoline will start reusing the same work order number from the beginning.

When your system administrator performs a cleanup every 6 months, you will never encounter this limitation of Autoline.

Follow the below steps to perform a cleanup:

  1. Click in the menubar on the option System.
  2. Select the option System settings.
  3. Go to the tab System.
  4. Click in the topright corner of the window where you are now on the button Cleanup.

The Clear data window appears. The top part is for deleting old work orders.

  1. Click on the  button to select the date you want. We advise a date of 6 months ago.
  2. Click on the button Cleanup.

The system starts deleting all work orders older than the specified date. This may take a while, especially when it's the first time that you perform the cleanup. The cleanup process finished when the small windows disappears.

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