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How to configure the Afas connection?

Since January 2017 Plan-IT has developed a connection with Afas in collaboration with Forque. With this connection, the calendar and days off can be collected from Afas and sent to Plan-IT.

This connection can be configured in the Windows Task Scheduled to run every night or once per week.

In this FAQ we will explain how the connection needs to be configured in Plan-IT:

  1. In the menubar, click on the option File.
  2. Select the option Employee.
  3. The employee window appears. In the field Name, click at the right on the  button to select an employee.
  4. Then enter the employee code of Afas in the field External no. Only the data of employees where the external number is entered will be collected from Afas.

  1. Open a Windows Explorer window (Windows key  + E).
  2. Go to the folder Plan-ITPrograms.
  3. Create the file Afas.ini.

  1. Put the following text in the Afas.ini file:

  • Webservice = the Afas web address that should be entered here will be provided by Forque
  • Token = The code to connect with Afas that should be entered here will be provided by Forque
  • ConnectId = the code to recognize who wants to connect with Afas, will be provided by Forque
  • BloksInMinutes = here you can configure how large the blocks of working time are, when you work with Plan-IT Online on time. Plan-IT will then automatically create the correct blocks. When you don't work with the Plan-IT Online on time module you can leave this empty. When you are not sure what to enter, please contact us to ask.

Start the Afas connection

You can now start the Afas connection:

  1. Open a Windows Explorer window (Windows key  + E).
  2. Go to the folder Plan-ITPrograms.
  3. Start the program Afas_Koppeling.exe.

When you start it, the details from the Afas.ini file will be entered in the fields. Click on the button Afas bezetting ophalen.

When you are happy with the results, you can add this Afas_Koppeling.exeto the Windows Task Scheduler. Ask your system administrator to configure this. Pass parameter 1 along in the Windows Task Manager. This will let Plan-IT know that the Afas_Koppeling.exe is started as a task. This will make it start automatically and also close automatically when it is done.

Our advise is to let it run somewhere during the night, because this connection has to process a large amount of data, and can impact the performance noticable . When there are frequent changes in the calendars, we advice to let it run every night.

It's important to realize that Afas will become leading in regards to days off and the calendar. Days off that you have added manually to Plan-IT and that are not present in Afas will be deleted.

For more information about the Afas side of the connection, you can contact Forque.

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