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How do I set the maximum number of customers waiting at the same time in Plan-IT Online?

Since Plan-IT version 5.171.7825 (january 2017) it is possible to limit the maximum number of customers waiting that can make an appointment online. This is fully linked between Plan-IT Workshop and Plan-IT Online.

This option works wih the On Time module and the On Date module. The only difference is that the Plan-IT Online on Time module also checks for the customer waits appointments that are scheduld in Plan-IT Workshop, and the Plan-IT Online on Date module only checks the customer waits appointments that have been scheduled online. This is because it is not possible for the On Date module to keep an account of the customer waits appointments from Plan-IT Workshop.

Configure maximum number of customers waiting

You don't have to configure anything in Plan-IT Workshop. When you turn on the customer waits option in a work order, Plan-IT will automatically send this information to the online module. The online module then shows the available times, depending on how many customers waiting are already scheduled and the maximum number of customers waiting configured in the online module settings.

You can turn on this option in the management window of the Online module. Go to the Settings section:

You can also configure here what the maximum number of customers waiting is that you want to have at the same time. This is a global setting. When you enter 2 here, it means that there can never be more than 2 customers waiting scheduled at the same time.

When you want more flexibility, there is the possibility to configure how many customers waiting you want to have for certain times. You can do this in the Waiting times section:

For example, you can configure that you want no more than 3 customers waiting at 8:00 and no more than 2 on 10:15 and 13:00. All other times are not available for customers waiting. You can configure this completely to your preference.
With the checkboxes to the right of the configured times, you can also indicate for which days you want the specific waiting time to be available.

It is very important to know that the times you enter here actually exist in the online module.These are the blocks of working times that are configured in the calendars of the employees in Plan-IT Workshop. You can check what times you can configure by making a test appointment in the online planner and looking what the times are in the dropdown list.These are the times from which you can choose to configure configure as a waiting time.

The last step is create an activity(Checkbox) and turn on the Waits option, to indicate that this operation should be considered as a customer waits option. This means that when the customer selects this activity, Plan-IT Online will only show the waiting times instead of the regular times.

Make sure that the Visible and Waits options are checked, All groups is selected under the Groups option, and the Number of units field is empty.

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