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How do I give partners access to the Plan-IT Online API?

Follow the below steps to give a partner access to your Plan-IT data:

  1. Go to and log in with your credentials.
  2. In the menu to the left side, click on the option API-inloggegevens, and select the option Website API of CRM API

Select Website API to give the partner access to the functionalities of Plan-IT Online to create a custom planner/lay-out.
Select CRM API to make Plan-IT Workshop data available to the partner.

  1. In the right part of the window, in the field Partner, select the preferred partner that you want to give access to your data.
  2. In the field Description, you can enter something for yourself, to help recognize this partner.
  3. When everything is entered as preferred, click on the Save button.

The partner is added, and a username and password are generated.

Provide this data to the partner.

When you no longer wish the partner to have access to the Plan-IT Online data, because the collaboration has ended for example, then place a checkmark in the box with the option Inactive.

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