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How do I import customers and registration numbers? (without DMS)

Besides a whole range of import formats of DMSes, Plan-IT Workshop also has a default import format. When you make sure that your file meets its conditions, you can import your customers and registration numbers in Plan-IT.

Below is a description of the conditions that the file should have and how this works:

  1. The import file must be named Plan-IT.csv and must have fields separated by a ; (semicolon).

All the fields must be present in the format and in this exact order:

Kenteken (registration number
Autotype (car type)
DMS ID (customer number)
Titel (title)
Naam (name)
Straat (street)
Huisnummer (house number)
Postcode (postal code)
Stad (city)
Telefoon (phone number, preferrably mobile)
E-Mail (e-mail address)

  1. The file must be located in the Plan-IT%5CImport folder. When this folder does not yet exist, you can create it.

  1. Then go to the Plan-ITPrograms folder and run the program Import.exe.

  1. In the menubar, click on the option Systeem and select the option Import.

The import will now run and your customer and registration number date will be imported in Plan-IT. You can do this as many times as you want. So if you regularly update the file with new customers and changes, they will be processed in Plan-IT with the next import.

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