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What are the program options of Autoline_VrijeDagen?

The Autoline_VrijeDagen.exe program is used to collect days off from Autoline and process them in Plan-IT.

There are several possibilities to fetch the data. This can be configured with the use of parameters.

Attention: this program must be started on the server where the ODBC is running.

Below is a description of these parameters:

Parameter 1: This parameter is to specify whether a centralized or decentralized file is used for the reasons for a day off in Autoline:

0 = Reason for day off is managed per establishment in Autoline
1 = Reason for day off is managed centralized in Autoline

It usually is a centralized file. So usually parameter 1 is used here.

Parameter 2: This parameter is to specify how much logging you want to see when the service is running. The logging can be used for debugging. There are several options:

1 = Minimal logging (only that the service has started or accidently stopped)
2 = Maximum logging (here the system will give detailed feedback what queries are used and what is the response of Autoline

5 = This is an index rotation check. When you have the feeling that collecting vrijedagen is not working, you can check for an index issue in Plan-IT with this parameter

Parameter 3: This parameter is to specify which connection should be used. There are several options:

0 = This is the default connection that should be used for most dealers
1 = This is the Stern connection
2 = Mercedes
4 = Wensink

Parameter 4: This parameter indicates how many seconds should be between each run. Minimal amount is 900 seconds (15 minutes). When a 0 is entered here, it will automatically be set to the default value of 900 seconds.

This is usually just set to 0 unless there are companies that want to check for days off less often because there system is slow.

Parameter 5: This parameter is to specify whether days off in Plan-IT, that are not in Autoline, should be deleted in Plan-IT. There are two options:

0 = Days off are not deleted from Plan-IT. This gives the possibility to create days off directly in Plan-IT, outside of Autoline. However, this means that when a day off is deleted in Autoline, it will not be deleted in Plan-IT.

1 = Days off in Autoline are leading. Days off that are not in Autoline are automatically deleted in Plan-IT.

The most used setting is: Autoline_VrijeDagen.exe 1 1

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