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How can I ensure that customers don't receive an email?

It is possible to keep an exception list with e-mail addresses of customers that have indicated they don't want to be contacted per e-mail.

Plan-IT checks this exception list before sending each e-mail message (appointment confirmation). When the e-mail address is included on the exception list, no e-mail message will be sent. You can read back in the logging of the work order that an e-mail is not sent because it was on the exception list.

This way you'll prevent that customer will receive e-mails while they have indicated they don't want to.

Import exception list in Plan-IT

In the Plan-ITPrograms is the program Maintenance.exe:

When you start it, select the option Import Exceptionlist E-Mail for appointment confirmation:

Plan-IT will then search for the file Email.csv in the Plan-ITImport folder (if the Import folder does not exist yet, create it).

Enter the e-mail addresses in the file Email.csv underneath each other, every new e-mail address on a separate line:

It is also possible to have this program be performed automatically with Windows task scheduler, so that newly added e-mail addresses are imported each week for example. To do this, add the parameter 4 to Maintenance.exe.

If you need additional assistance, you can always contact us for that.

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