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How do I export data from Plan-IT Workshop?

It is possible in Plan-IT to export the most important data. Think of work order information, free days, calendar data, replacement car appointments, and occupation data.

This can be done with the export.exe program:

  1. Open a Windows Explorer window (Windows key  + E).
  2. Navigate to the Plan-IT \ Programs folder.
  3. Double click on the export.exe file to start the program.

You can pass parameters to this Export.exe file:

Parameter 1: starting month

Parameter 2: end month

Parameter 3: year

Parameter 4: export occupation or other data (1 = Occupation, 0 = Other data, 2 = Capacity percentage, 3 = More and less time, 4 = Replacement car workorders, 5 = Clipboard )

The minimal export is 1 month.

When you want to export March 2018 for instance, create a shortcut to the export.exe like this:

export.exe 3 3 2018 0

When you double click the shortcut, several XML files are generated (KALENDER.XML, VERVANGENDVERVOER.XML, VRIJEDAGEN.XML, WERKORDERS.XML).

These XML files are placed in the Plan-IT \ Data folder.

When you want to export the occupation of January to June 2017, configure the export.exe shortcut like this:

export.exe 1 6 2017 1

The file BEZETTING.XML is placed in the Plan-IT \ Data directory.

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