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How do I create global activities in Plan-IT Online?

Global activities can be configured in Plan-IT Online. Global activities are activities that are present in all Plan-IT Online establishments and are identical.

Configuring global activities

  1. Go to the website and log in with your details.
  2. In the left column, click on the activities option.
  3. Add a new activity or go to an existing activity that you want to configure as a global activity.
  4. Put a check in the Global box in the top right corner, and click on the Save button in the bottom right corner.

The activity is now active in all establishments.

When you edit the activity in 1 establishment, this change will be applied in all establishments


When you want to make a global activity only for a specific make, select the preferred make in the Make field in the bottom right corner.

The global activity is only visible now in establishments where the selected make is configured.

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