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How do I use the Block overcapacity option?

With the option Block overcapacity Plan-IT makes sure that the planner can only schedule work orders until the capacity is used up. After that, no more work orders can be scheduled.

Attention: The block overcapacity option only applies to users with User rights.
Users with Administrator and Master rights can always schedule over the macimum capacity.
Since version 5.171.8713 of Plan-IT it is possible to overwrite this option for User+ rights.

Follow below steps to activate this option:

  1. In the menubar click on the option System.
  2. Select the option System settings.
  3. In the first row of tabs go to Settings.
  4. Then go to Checks in the second row of tabs.
  5. Put a check in the box with the option Block overcapacity .

The idea behind this option is to keep some room in the planning for drop-ins and emergency jobs. The blocking does not apply to the current day!

By configuring a percentage for the employees, you can indicate how much work is allowed to be scheduled for an employee. There can be scheduled until the available quarters of an hour are used up. After that a pop-up message appears:

When you set an employee to 0% active in count, Plan-IT shows that the days are blocked with the color of the employee. You can only schedule work orders on this employee on the current day.

Because bloking overcapacity works on the occupation it is important that you properly configure the maximum number of months you want to schedule ahead in the system settings. To do that, follow the below steps:

  1. Click in the menubar on the option System.
  2. Select the option System settings.
  3. In the first row of tabs, go to Connections.
  4. Go to Online module in the second row of tabs.
  5. In the field Months capacity, select how many months you want to schedule in advance.

Select for example that you want to schedule a maximum of 3 months ahead. Plan-IT will then build the capacity 3 months ahead. When you are in doubt, it is better to select too many months than too few.

Why can there no longer be scheduled in the future?

Make sure that the months capacity is properly configured in the system settings. When you have modified the number of months and you are back in the planning board, press the key combination Ctrl+Q to send over the capacity, taking into account the newly configured number of months.

Why can there be scheduled more than what is configured?

Plan-IT only blocks overcapacity when the configured maximum capacity is used up. This means that when you still have 2 quarters of an hour left, you can theoretically still schedule a work order of 1,5 hours for example.

We have done it like this because otherwise it would not be practical to schedule until the maximum capacity. In the above example you would only be able to schedule a work order of 30 minutes. And that makes planning much too difficult. We have chosen to still be able to schedule the longer work order. It is the responsibility of the planner to decide whether the work order will not go too far over the maximum capacity.

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