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How to import employees into Workshop?

It is possible to import employees in Plan-IT. You can use this for example when you are a new Plan-IT user, have many establishments, and you don't want to enter all employees by hand in Plan-IT.

Create a .CSV file in which you enter all employees. Give the file the following layout:

1000207 Plan-IT International Jan de Jong Venray Airco 85 6 10 5460904 JDJ
1000477 Plan-IT International Willem de Vries Venray Diagnose 85 7 10 7961021 WDV

Explanation of the fields:

WerknemerNr: is the number that you use for the employee. Can also be the external number of the employee, does not actually matter. It does need to exist in this format, but we do not do anything with it. As long as it is a unique number.
Vestiging: this is the name of what the establishment is called in Plan-IT. With this name we will search in Plan-IT in which establsihment the employee needs to be added.
Naam: is the name of the employee that will be displayed in Plan-IT.
Woonplaats: place of residence of the employee.
Functie: is the function that will be displayed in Plan-IT.
Percentage: is the percentage that you want the employee to be active in the planning. When you don't know the percentage we advise to keep it at 90% or 100%.
Volgorde: this is the order in which the employees are sorted. When you enter this properly you can group employees with similar specialities. You can edit the order later in Plan-IT if needed.
MaxDoorgang: this is a value that you will see below the planboard. You can enter a 0 when you don't want a limit om the maximum number of cars to be serviced.
KleurCode: this is the color that the employee will be displayed in on the planboard. We usually advise to use the color of the operation they will be doing the most. For easy recognizability, try to keep it the same color in all establishments.
ExternNr: this is the code that is used in Autoline for the employees.It is important because it is used to connect the calendar and days off from Autoline to Plan-IT. So make sure it is correctly entered.

When the .CSV file is completely entered, start the program Import_Werknemers.exe which you can find in the Programs folders.

Click on the  button inthe Datapad import csv field to select the file with all the employee data, and click on the Importeren button.

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