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What should I do if the import window does not show any work orders?

When you don't see work orders in your importwindow anymore,follow the below steps to fix this:

DMS-login name

In the importwindow, workorders can be filtered on login name. When a login name is entered, the system will only show work orders that are created by the entered loginname.

Click on the Login name button and enter your DMS-login name again. When you press the Enter key without entering a login name, the system will show all work orders without filtering.

Filter on departments

There can also be filters active in Plan-IT that hide work orders from certain Autoline departments.. Controleer welke departments worden overgestuurd:

  1. Click on the menubar on the option System.
  2. Select the option System settings.
  3. Click on the tab Connections.
  4. In the bottom right corner is a field in which you can indicate what departments from Autoline need to be transferred. Departments that are not entered here will not be transferred.
  5. Remove all departments as a test, because departments will then not be filtered and all departments will be transferre. Check if there are work orders visible then.

Work order conditions

Check if the work orders from the DMS-system meet the conditions of Plan-IT.

Plan-IT only shows work orders in the importwindow that have a date, time, and registration number entered. When one of these is missing, the work order is not displayed in the Plan-IT importwindow.


Check if the location where Plan-IT searches for the import files is properly entered:

  1. Start Plan-IT and log in with an account that has administrator rights.
  2. Click in the menubar on the option System.
  3. Select the option Management.
  4. Click with the right mouse button on the green PLAN-IT balk in the top of the window.
  5. Select the option Systemsettings.

  1. Check if the correct DMS-system is selected in the DMS link field.
  2. Check if the correct folderis entered in the Import field.

You can check this by copying the folder location and opening it in a Windows Explorer window. At the same time you ill be checking if your computer has access to the folder location.

  1. Copy the location that is entered in the Import field.
  2. Open a Windows Explorer window (Windows key  + E).
  3. Paste the location in the address bar in the top and presss the Enter key.

Check if you can go to the copied location in Windows Explorer, and if the XML files are being transferred to the folder. Check the date and time of the files, this is when they have been put in the folder.

Background tasks

When there are no XML files being transferred to the importfolder, the tasks on the server may no longer be active. Restart the background tasks on the server and test if there are XML filed being transferred to the importfolder after that.

You can also use a program such as Firedaemon to manage the background tasks and have them restarted every night to prevent issues in the future.

Network connection

Another cause can be that the network connection with the disk where the importfiles are stored is disrupted. This is often depicted as a red cross through the network connection. There can also be the message Network connection disrupted next to the disk.

When this is the case you can try to restart your computer. When logging in to your system, network connections are usually reconnected.

When this does not solve the problem either, then contact your system administrator.

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