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How do I set the email addresses for the replacement transport department?

It has always been possible in Plan-IT to send an e-mail to the replacement car department when the replacement car option is turned on in the work order (when no replacement car from Plan-IT is selected).

Follow the below steps to turn on an option to always get a pop-up window, asking if an e-mail should be sent to the replacement car department.

  1. In the menubar, click on the option System.
  2. Select the option System settings.
  3. In the first row of tabs, go to Connections.
  4. Then go to Mail in the second row of tabs.
  5. Put a check in the box with the option Always ask if the e-mail needs to be sent. Even if a native replacement car is selected.

With this option turned on, Plan-IT will show a pop-up window with each work order where replacement transport is selected, asking if you want to have the replacement car e-mail to be sent, also when a native Plan-IT replacement car is selected:

This way you can inform the replacement car department about the prerference of the customer regarding the replacement transport. (You do not create replacement cars in Plan-IT, but different types of cars).

Specific e-mail address

You have the option to enter a specific e-mail address for a replacement car. WHen an e-mail address is entered here, Plan-IT will send the replacement car e-mail to this e-mail address. This makes it possible to use multiple replacement car departments. Depending on the selected replacement car, the e-mail will go to another department.

To configure a specific e-mail address for a replacement car:

  1. In the menubar, click on the option File.
  2. Select the option Replacement car.
  3. The Replacement car window appears. In the field Type, click on the  button to select a replacement car.
  4. Then enter a specific e-mail address in the field E-Mail where the e-mail should be sent to when this replacement car is selected in a work order.

When no specific e-mail address is entered in a replacement car, Plan-IT will automatically use the mail e-mail address that is entered in the System settings.

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