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How can I move Plan-IT Workshop from one server to another?

Moving Plan-IT to another server is very easy. You just copy the Plan-IT folder on the current location to the new location. Then you update all shortcuts to the new location and Plan-IT is moved.

After that is done, start Plan-IT (on every workstation or every Terminal Server) one time by clicking on the Plan-IT icon with the right mouse button, and select the option Run as Administrator from the context menu that appears.

There is however 1 boundary condition:

You need to have a recent installation of Plan-IT. You can check this by looking in the Programs folder to see if there is a VDFDaemon.exe file present:

When you find this file in the folder, then you can perform the move.

When this file does not exist, please contact us so that we can assist you with the migration. You can reach us per phone via the number 0031 478-585457.

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