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What options are available for an activity in Plan-IT Online?

In Plan-IT Online, we are constantly adding new options to configure the activities:



On this page we provide an explanation of the many options that can be configured in Plan-IT Online for the activities, and what effect these settings have.



This is the name of the activity.



To the left of the description is the field Order. A number can be entered here. The activities are sorted according to this order.
When multiple activities have the same number, these activities are sorted in alphabetical order.
It is also possible to enter a negative number. To put an activity above the first activity with order 1, you can enter 0, or even, for example, -3.



Below the description are a number of check marks. The first option is Visible. This option must be checked on to make the activity visible in the workshop planner. When this option is unchecked, the activity is not shown to customers.
With this, an activity can be temporarily removed from the workshop planner, for example, without it having to delete it. This activity can then be quickly checked again later to add it back to the list of activities.



Put a check in the Waits checkbox to mark an activity as a wait option. This option is only available for checkbox activities. We advise you to create 1 activity with the name, for example, "I would like to keep waiting" where this option is checked.

This choice is then shown in the workshop planner under the list of activities. When a customer activates this option, the normal preferred times are not shown, but a separate set of waiting times. The maximum number of waiters allowed at the same time can also be configured, so that the number of customers in the waiting area remains limited. In addition, an option can also be used to indicate that for customers who choose to wait, the replacement transport options will be skipped.



No Friday / Saturday

The options No Friday and No Saturday can be checked to ensure that an appointment where these activities are chosen by a customer cannot be scheduled on a Friday or Saturday. The workshop planner will then automatically show all Fridays or Saturdays as full, even if there would still be availability on those days.



By checking the Global option, an activity is not only shown in the establishment where the activity was created, but also in all other establishments.
This is especially useful if you want to offer the same activities in all establishments. You then only have to keep track of the activities in 1 establishment. If something has to be changed in the activity, then it only has to be done in 1 establishment.



Check this option to give customers the opportunity to enter a comment on this activity. When a customer selects this activity, a comment box is shown below the activity. For example, a customer can provide some additional explanation in this.


With remark not checked:

With remark checked on:


Group / Extra groups

In the Group field, a specialization can be selected for the activity. Plan-IT Online then only looks for the availability of the appointment at the technicians in Plan-IT Workshop to which this set group is also linked. This ensures that appointments with work that can only be performed by a limited number of technicians are only scheduled with those technicians.

The field Extra groups can be used to link more than 1 group to an activity.


Number of units

Enter here how much time must be reserved for this activity in Plan-IT Workshop. The duration of a unit is determined by the size of the blocks in the mechanic's calendar in Plan-IT Workshop.
See here for more information on unit size.


Visible from / until

Set a date range here if desired. The activity is then only shown when the current day falls within the set date range. Otherwise, the activity will be hidden. It is possible to leave the year empty, then the activity will return every year in the same period, for example for the summer check. It is also possible to leave the start date or end date empty, so this activity is displayed indefinitely from the entered start date or until the entered end date.

This can be used, for example, to make seasonal work automatically appear and disappear.



Plannable from / until

A date range can be set here as well if desired. With this, you indicate when this activity can be planned. Days outside of this date range are automatically shown as unavailable, regardless of actual availability on those days.



Mileage from / until

Enter a Mileage from and Mileage until. Plan-IT Online will then only show the activity when the mileage that a customer enters in step 1 in the workshop planner falls within the mileage range set here. Otherwise, the activity will be hidden automatically.

If 0 is entered as mileage, it will not be used for filtering. It is possible to only enter a Mileage from or Mileage until.



Car age in years from / until

If desired, a minimum and maximum age of a car can be entered here. This activity will then only be shown if the customer's car falls within the range entered here.

You can also enter only a minimum age or only a maximum age of the car.

The age of the car is calculated on the basis of the year of manufacture of the car, which Plan-IT Online receives from RDW, after the customer has entered the registration number.



Price (from)

A Price for the activity can be entered here. The entered price is then shown behind the activity. Check the option From to show the price as a starting price.


With a price entered:

With the option From checked on as well:


Discount price (From)

In addition to a price, a discount price can also be entered here if desired. The original price is then crossed out with the discount price next to it. Again, the option From can be checked.


With a discount price entered:

With the option From checked on as well:


Code / Label

In the field Code an attribute can be entered that an API builder can use to link actions to this activity. The code must be unique, so the same code cannot be used for two different activities.

In the field Label an attribute can be entered that can be used from the API to link actions to a group of activities with the same label. The same label can therefore be used for several activities.



In the Duration field you can enter how much time the activity will take, in minutes. This length of time is used to inform web builders via the API how much time should be reserved for this activity.



In the ExtraInfo field, an additional explanation for the activity can be entered. An icon with a i will then be shown next to the activity. When a customer moves the mouse over this, the text entered here appears in a pop-up window.



Day unavailable

Set here how many working days should be closed by default for an appointment in which this activity is selected. When choosing a date, the planner will then show the number of working days set here as Full, regardless of whether there is still availability.



A make can be selected here. The activity will then only be shown if the brand of the car whose registration number the customer has entered corresponds with the brand set here. When the customer has entered the registration number of a different make of car, this activity is hidden.



Here you can choose a category for checkbox activities. Activities with the same set categories are displayed together in a submenu.

API builders can also use the CategoryId to categorize certain activities.


With a category closed:

With a category opened:


Last plan time

A last scheduling time can be set here. When a customer selects this activity, when choosing a time for the appointment, no later time than this configured schedule time can be chosen, regardless of whether there is still availability after this time.


Fuel type

If desired, select a fuel type here. The activity is then only shown if the car, whose registration number has been entered by the customer, has this fuel type. Otherwise, the activity will not be displayed. If nothing is selected here, this will not be filtered.



A specific car model can be entered here. The effectiveness is then only shown if the model of the car, whose registration number has been entered by the customer, meets this requirement. Multiple models can be specified, separated with a semicolon.


Maximum count per day

If desired, a maximum number of appointments per day can be entered here. When this maximum count is reached for a certain day, that day will be shown as full for customers who select this activity, regardless of the availability for that day.

This only applies to the online appointments where activities with a maximum number per day have been selected. Appointments made outside the online workshop planner are not included in this.


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