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Help! I get the error message: Read error on index file

When you see this error message, Plan-IT cannot read a data file on the server.

This could be caused by a disrupted network connection or a session that has not been closed properly, and keeping files in use. In some cases, a datafile could be corrupted.

Perform below steps to solve the problem:

    1. Close Plan-IT and restart it again, abd test if the error has disappeared.

    1. When the error message still occurs after restarting Plan-IT, let all users on the establishment where the error message is occuring restart Plan-IT.
      Check with the 'open files' on the dataserver to make sure that there are no connections with the data folder anymore.(7 in the above example). Close any connections that still remain.

    1. Is the error message occurring on a specific terminal server? Then restart that server.

  1. Perform a reindex on the establishment.

Perform Reindex

To perform a reindex on the establishment on which the error message is occurring, you first need to find out what establishment it is about (what is establishment 7 in the above example).

  1. Click in the menubar of Plan-IT on the option System.
  2. Select the option Management.
  3. Click with the left mouse button on an establishment to select it, and then click with the right mouse button and select the option Edit.
  4. In the bottom left corner in each establishment window is the Data Directory field with a number. Search for the establishment with the number that is mentioned in the error message.

Now that you know what establishment is causing the error, you can use the reindex program.

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