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Help! A reservation from Plan-IT Online does not appear in Plan-IT Workshop!

When a customer makes an appointment online, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the customer, and another e-mail is sent to the workshop reception. With the Plan-IT Online on Time module, a reservation is placed on the planboard in Plan-IT Workshop as well, so no other work order can be made on the same time that the customer selected.

When you cannot find the reservation, or it seems to have disappeared, you can search for the reservation in the logging of Plan-IT Workshop (if it is turned on). Follow the below steps to do that.

  1. First click with the right mouse button on a random work order, and select the Logging option to open the logging window.

Read this page when the logging option is not listed in your context menu.

Plan-IT only starts keeping a log from the moment when the logging option is checked on. You cannot find back logging from the past when the logging was not activated yet.

The Logging window appears with the details of the work order that you clicked with the right mouse button. Here you can find when the work order was created, on what date and tme, with which employee, and by which Plan-IT user.

  1. In the top of the logging window, remove the number that is in the Work order field.
  2. Enter the registration number that belongs to the reservation that you are searching for, and press the Enter key.

Plan-IT shows the results in the logging window based on the entered registration number:

The events are shown in chronological order, with the oldest event on the bottom. In the above example, the reservation was removed because it became a work order. That work order may have been moved in the meantime by another user, or created with another employee, on another date and time.

An other possibility is that another user in Plan-IT Workshop has removed the reservation before it was changed to a work order:

When Plan-IT cannot find anything on the entered registration number, the window stays empty:

This means that Plan-IT can't find a reservation on this registration number, or the logging was turned off at the time when this reservation was made.

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