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What does the Snap to Grid option do?

In Plan-IT you can move work orders by clicking and dragging. When the mouse pointer is on a work order, click with the left mouse button and keep te button pressed. By moving the mouse now, you can drag the work order to another position. Release the left mouse button when the work order is on the preferred position.

However when you release the work order while it is above another work order, Plan_IT will give an error message that the work order cannot be moved:

So you will have to place the work order very precisely behind another work order. To solve this, you can turn on the Snap to grid option. With this option turned on, you don;'t have to place work orders so precisely. Plan-IT will make sure that the work order is put on the correct position automatically.

Turn on Snap to grid

  1. In the menubar, click on the option System.
  2. Select the option System settings.
  3. The first row of tabs opens to Settings.
  4. Go in the second row of tabs to System.
  5. Turn on the option Snap to Grid that is licated to the bottom of this window.

When you have turned on this option, and you release a work order on top of another one, Plan-IT will place the work order on the first available time after the work order.

The below video demonstrates how this works:

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