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How can I collect Autoline work orders faster using ODBC?

At this moment work orders are collected from Autoline via ODBC.

To make sure that all changes are included properly we have to check back in time a bit to collect all information properly. Because Autoline generates a log when the work order is opened. Through this log we check if there are changes in Autoline. We do this to make the query as efficient as possible and not burden Autoline more than needed.

The problem is in the difference between when the work order is opened and when the changes are actually made in the work order. We have to check back the difference in time in Autoline.

We used to check back 30 minutes in time. Because the amount of dealers that switched to Autoline was becoming bigger and bigger, and the OBDC connection slower and slower because of that, we have set this back to 5 minutes by default.

At the same time we have added the possibility for you, as a dealer, to be able to indicate how far Plan-IThad to check back in history. This can even be set back to 15 seconds.

This was the connection with Autoline will be much faster. However the problem is that the work order is not always sent over (the shorter the time, the better the work order has to be created in Autoline). The dealer can change this time themselves to find the perfect balance in time and speed for their organization (when a work order is not sent over, it can very simply be opened again it Autoline and it will be sent over immediately to Plan-IT).

Benefits: The connection is much faster when the time is set to 5 minutes. In 90-95% of the situations a work order will be created correctly in Autoline and you will have this benefit.


Downsides: It can happen that a work order is not visible in the import list. The work order needs to be opened in Autoline again and it will be sent over. When a work order is saved in Autoline and it is not in the import list after 30 seconds, you need to open the work order in Autoline once more and it will be visible in the import list then.

How can you configure this?

In the Data directory of Plan-IT is the file Autoline.txt. On the 4th line you can enter a value of how many seconds Plan-IT needs to check back in time for Autoline work orders. The minimal value is 15. You need to decide what is best for your own organization. By default, Plan-IT works with 300 seconden (5 minutes) when no value is entered on the 4th line.

You should think in values of 30, 60, or 120 seconds to make the connection faster.

However when you have to reopen a work order to often before it is visible in the import list of Plan-IT, you can choose to let the connection check back further in time. Especially when you are not noticing any speed issues. Think of values of 600 seconds (10 minutes) or 1800 seconds (30 minutes).

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