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What to do when there is a stretched work order on the planboard?

In Plan-IT version 5.171.8740, a work order can sometimes get stretched over the entire planboard and cannot be selected anymore.

Follow the below steps to solve this:

  1. Go to the day where the stretched work order is located.
  2. Click below the planbord on the button Overview.

  1. You will see a window with all work orders of the selected day. Search in the Time column for the work order that has 18 as end time.

  1. click with the right mouse button on line of work order and select option Work order to open it.
  2. The work order is now opened. Correct the time in the End time field.

  1. Click on the Save button.
  2. Click on the Close button in the overview window to return to the planboard window.
  3. The planboard window can turn all grey. Click on the Refresh button then.

The stretched work order should now be correctly on the planboard. We have solved this problem. Check here for the instructions to install the most recent version of Plan-IT.

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