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What is the time duration of an LU (labor unit) in Plan-IT?

The time duration of activities in Plan-IT is calculated through LU's: labor units. However Plan-IT Workshop handles LU's different than Plan-IT Online on time. On this page we will explain the differences.

LU's in Plan-IT Workshop

The time duration of an LU in Plan-IT Workshop is by default 15 minutes. These LU's are used to determine the time duration of work orders. When you configure an operation time for every operation (and extra operation) in Plan-IT Worjshop, Plan-IT Workshop will add the times of the operation and extra operations in a work order and enters the ens time based on this.

Follow the below steps to configure the operation time of operations:

  1. Click in the menubar on the option File.
  2. Select the option Operation.
  3. Create a new operation or click on the  button to select an existing operation.
  4. Enter in the Operation time field how many quarters of an hour the selected operation should take.
  5. Click on the Save button to apply the entered operation time.

When you make a new work order now, and you select an operation that has the operation time entered, Plan-IT Workshop will add the operation time to the Starting time and enters the calculated time in the End time field.


When importing work orders from a DMS, Plan-IT Workshop takes over the time duration of work orders that is entered in the DMS, and converts the time duration to time units of 15 minutes. Set the operation time of the operations in Plan-IT Workshop to 0 when you use a DMS, otherwise the configured operation time will be added to the time duration that is taken over from the DMS.

Available LU's

Plan-IT shows the LU's that are still available with an employee in a yellow label in the bottom right corner, in units of 15 minutes.

You can activate an option to view the LU's in hours, when you think that's more convenient:

  1. Click in the menubar on the option System.
  2. Select the option System settings.
  3. Put a check in the box with the option LU in Hours.

The LU's will then be shown as such:

Plan-IT keeps counting with LU's of 15 minutes. This setting only affects how the availale time of employees is shown.

LU's in Plan-IT Online on time

Plan-IT Online on time also uses LU's, but in a different way than Plan-IT Workshop. You connect groups to each operation in Plan-IT Online on time, and you determine how many LU's the operation should take.

You determine how much time an LU in Plan-IT Online on time is by configuring the size of the blocks in the calendar of the employees in Plan-IT Workshop that have the same groups configured.

When you want to work with LU's of 15 minutes in Plan-IT Online on time as well, you create blocks of 15 minutes in the calendars of all employees that you want to have available for online appointments. However we advise to make the blocks as big as possible. Because the more blocks there are on a day, the longer it takes to send the calendar over to the online module when you change sometimes in the working hours or the occupation of employees.

LU's of 15 minutes: LU's of 30 minutes: LU's of 1 hour: LU's of 2 hours:
32 blocks of working hours 16 blocks of working hours 8 blocks of working hours 4 blocks of working hours

By making the blocks of working hours 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes, sending over the capacity will be twice as fast, because only half of the amount of blocks have to be sent over each day.

Make sure to keep the blocks of working hours the same size everywhere, because Plan-IT does not check how much time the blocks of working hours take in PLan-IT Workshop, but creates a reservation for the total number of LU's for the operations that customers have selected.

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