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How can I send the capacity to Plan-IT Online automatically?

There are many processes in Plan-IT that influence the capacity. All these processes also influence the capacity of the online module.

It is possible to update the entire online capacity of all departments with 1 task.

By doing this once a week for example, you could turn off many update capacity options.

You can run all processes like they are running now (import_werknemers.exe, Autoline_JaarkalenderRune.exe etc.)

By running the maintenance.exe as the last task, the online capacity is always correctly updated.

To start maintenance.exe:

  1. Open a Windows Explorer window (Windows key  + E).
  2. Navigate to the Plan-ITPrograms folder.
  3. Double click on the file maintenance.exe to start the program.

The Maintenance window appears. Click on the option Initialise capacity online module to send the capacity of all establishments to the online module.

Sending over the capacity can take some time. Wait until the pop-up window appears with the message that the process is finished and click the OK button.

Task scheduler

You can also set up the program in the Windows task scheduler to automatically update the capacity each week. To do this, click on the option Create Basic Task... in the Windows task shceduler.

In the first step, enter a name for the task in the Name field and click on the Next button.

With the step Trigger select how often the task should be performed. Then click on the Next button again.

In the next step, specify at what moment the task must be performed. Make sure that the task is performed outside working hours, because updating the capacity has a big impact on the performance of Plan-IT. Then click the Next button again.

In the Action step, select the option Start a program and click the Next button again.

Click on the Browse... button and navigate to the installation folder of Plan-IT. Select the file Maintenance.exe and click on the OK button. Then enter the value 2 in the Add arguments field, and enter the location of the installation folder of Plan-IT in the field Start in (optional). Then click on the Next button again.

Finally check on the Finish step if everything is properly filled in and click the Finish button to save the task.

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