New release: Plan-IT Workshop version 7.191.3997 available


Since June 24th 2024, a new version of Plan-IT Workshop is available.

You can find the Update Procedure here.

When you have questions regarding the new release, then please contact our helpdesk via: or via 0031 85-2362500

Plan-IT Workshop version 7.191.3997

Changes / Additions

  • Replace reservation for DMS work order, now also looks 1 day in the past for customers who bring their car the day before the appointment.

  • When saving the signature, the PDF is also immediately saved if this option is enabled.


  • Extra check built into the Keyloop API connection that if it is a waiting customer, the customer end time can never be shorter than the end time of the work order.

  • Wincar API connection: Improvements for more readable error handling.

  • Wincar API connection: Improvements to engineer and receptionist transfer.

  • DBB connection: House number and Street are now transferred to DBB as separate objects

  • Conneqtech connection: Now also transfers the battery value or tank content.

  • Wincar connection now has an encoding addition so that foreign characters are clearly visible in the technician name


  • Fix: Signature on the replacement transport agreement is now no longer stretched if it is a very narrow signature.

  • Fix: If a user only has rights to 1 location, the PDF export for replacement transport is now loaded correctly.

  • Fix: ProPlanner connection – Plan-IT no longer transmits CET time to ProPlanner.
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