Plan digitally, what are you waiting for?


We all know the importance of planning efficiently, but we didn't want to keep this article from you! Read the full article on op (Dutch article)

Plan digitally, what are you waiting for?

We all know the importance of planning efficiently. Lost minutes, mechanics that are standing around or operations that cannot be finished by double bookings, nobody is happy with that. Planning digitally is the solution.

Increase your workshop efficiency

The digital planboard of Plan-IT makes scheduling and managing appointments in the workshop child's play. You will keep a complete overview of the operations that needs to be performed at all time, with a system that works with colors. You'll instantly see what operations are scheudled, on which mechanic, how much time is reserved, if there is a fixed starting and/or end time agreed with the customer, and if the customer will be waiting. When something in the planning changes during the day, this overview is essential to cope with the unforeseen circumstances. The efficiency in your workshop increases along with your returns! But planning digitally with Plan-IT offers more benefits, that will lift your entire aftersales department to a new level.

Increase your customer satisfaction

With the flexibility that Plan-IT offers, you can offer your customers more possibilities for planning an appointment. Do you have customers waiting on their car until the work is finished? You can easily highlight it in the planning and give it priority. Does the customer want the car to be ready at a specific time? Not a problem. Is a customer calling unexpectedlywith an emergency repair? You instantly see where there is room in the planning, or you can easily move appointments if needed. Your servicelevel increases along with the customer satisfaction. This leads to a higher customer loyalty, a very important part of the aftersales.

Increase your customer loyalty

Positive experiences will make customers return. Not only the proper handling of the work ensures this, excellent communication contributes to this as well. With Plan-IT, you can keep customers informed about the status automatically via e-mail and SMS messages. Offer your customers extra freedom with Plan-IT Online, with which they can schedule an appointment themselves in the online planner. Approach your customers proactively for repeat visits (think of tyre changes or MOT) and let them schedule an appointment when it suits them best.

Higher efficiency, higher flexibility, higher service level and a higher customer satisfaction. As far as we are concerned, a summary of your workshop that is ready for the future.

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