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In a period of closed showrooms and uncertainty in the automotive industry, it is of great importance that consumers request and plan a test drive easily.

Our online test drive planner makes this very easy. Plan-IT Test drive is a full web module and can import the cars into the program via a link, so that you do not have to enter all the cars manually. The availability of the car, the location where the car is located (which you can also manage yourself) are also taken into account and a driving license check can be added. Customers have the option to request a test drive online 24/7 in a car of their choice. This saves you time, you are more flexible towards your customers and your conversion increases.

A number of dealers already started with the possibility to request a test drive at home last year. With this concept the customer is given the opportunity to request a test drive online, after which the car will be brought to his or her home to make a test drive. Plan-IT Test drive can also offer a nice solution in keeping all the data of an application and the status of a car for you. This way you avoid double bookings and you can see exactly what the location of the car is.

There are still a number of questions and comments from the market about Plan-IT Test drive. Below a response to these remarks from account manager Leon Wonnink.

1. "We prefer to call the customer to go through his car of choice with him."

Leon: With Plan-IT Test drive, the seller can still contact his customer. With Plan-IT Test Drive, we additionally show the availability of the selected car. The rest can just stay the same.

2. "I don't want all cars to be able to be scheduled for a test drive online."

Leon: You determine at all times which cars are available online for a test drive.

3. "I don't want certain people to be able to make an online appointment for a test drive."

Leon: In this, Plan-IT Test drive does not differ from your current application form on your website. After such a request, you determine at any time whether a test drive can be requested. Just like with the current application form.

4. "Do I have to enter all the cars myself?"

Leon: No, through a smart link with Hexon, we can import the relevant cars into Plan-IT Test drive. Simply at the touch of a button.

Plan-IT Test drive offers customers the possibility to request a test drive online 24/7 in a car of their choice.

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