Recall? Plan-IT offers help!


Lately, many dealers have been facing major recalls.

In terms of the new technologies, especially in the field of electrification, these recalls are not only large in number, but more time should also be allowed to remedy the modifications. The recall increases the workload for the dealer and is a welcome addition to the total workshop occupation.

But how do you keep a grip on these types of recalls, without 'it' becoming disruptive to the daily activities? Exactly! With Plan-IT Online On Time.

Plan-IT ensures that you as a dealer approach your customers via a mailing campaign to reserve a time slot online to carry out the recall campaign.

As a dealer, you determine how many recalls you can /are allowed to perform each day. In this way, the reservations are received very efficiently and can be clearly planned. You can schedule your mechanic or team of mechanics very flexibly and efficiently, which also allows you to take into account the resources necessary to carry out the work.

Plan-IT provides a perfect overview of availability and occupancy.

Do you also want to manage your recalls? Please contact Leon Wonnink, account manager Plan-IT via or via mobile +316 20077703.

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