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Van Mossel the first on SQL with Plan-IT


Van Mossel started working with Plan-IT International to test the Plan-IT software on SQL. Three of the four environments have already been converted, namely Ford, Mercedes and Opel. We would like to thank Van Mossel for carrying out these tests with us, which means that we now have the opportunity to run other Plan-IT relations on SQL as well.

There are several reasons to choose SQL:

  • With SQL, Plan-IT can also support Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and later on higher.
  • With SQL you can access the data of Plan-IT yourself so that you can build BI yourself on the database of Plan-IT.
  • With SQL, Plan-IT has a very stable and widely used database.

From now on we offer with Plan-IT the possibility to run Plan-IT on SQL. Plan-IT can offer help with this to transfer the Plan-IT software to SQL. For the costs, please contact Leon Wonnink, Sales Manager at Plan-IT International.

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