Volvo Bouwsema connected to Plan-IT


Now that Volvo Bouwsema is also connected to Plan-IT, all Volvo dealers in the Netherlands are now connected to Plan-IT. A great achievement.


Autohuis Bouwsema bv has been the Volvo dealer for North and East Groningen since 1987, with offices in Delfzijl and Veendam. In this time of purely large dealer groups, they have managed to survive by distinguishing themselves from these large dealers. By means of a flat organization and therefore short lines of communication, they try to achieve a personal approach in order to be or become THE point of contact for the Volvo driver in their region. You can contact them for new cars, used cars in a wide price range, all financial services and the total aftersales package.


Good planning is indispensable within the workshop. More efficient planning - in addition to better workshop utilization - also leads to higher customer satisfaction, which is essential within after sales. Plan-IT has been developed to support this process. Today, Plan-IT has, in addition to the Plan-IT Workshop product, other products such as Plan-IT Welcome, Plan-IT Online, Plan-IT Test Drive and Plan-IT Online on time. As the market leader in workshop planning, Plan-IT offers the key to maximum productivity in the workshop.

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