It probably never happens that you sell a car without the customer having taken a test drive. It is therefore important to have a clear overview of all test drives. With Plan-IT's online test drive calendar, you can maintain this overview. Disappointing customers is a thing of the past: you can easily see which cars are available and when.

  • Online scheduling module for test drives
  • Saves time and increases conversion
  • Takes into account the availability and location of the vehicle
  • Driver's license check available

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Plan-IT Test drive

Increase sales of your vehicles

Online scheduling tool for test drives

Plan-IT Test Drive is the online scheduling module that you use to manage test drives for new cars and occasions. The system is easy to integrate into your website, it is like the application form on your website. Prevent double bookings or disappointments and offer your customers the opportunity to schedule a test drive online 24/7 at a desired time. 

  • Driver's license check possible
  • Easy to integrate into your website

Manage test drives

Plan-IT Test Drive is a fully cloudbased web module where it is possible to import eligible cars into the program. You decide which cars are eligible for a test drive. Here you have full control. This way you don't have to enter all cars manually. The software takes into account the availability of the car, the location of the car is and it is also possible to add a driver's licence check. The entire system works via an API, which ensures that the layout can be designed completely according to your own wishes. 

You know which customers are interested in which cars. This way you can ensure that these cars are ready and quickly adjust when the car is sold. Both you and the customer will receive a message of the appointment made. With Plan-IT Test Drive you save time, you are more flexible in your actions towards the customer and you increase the conversion. 

  • Full web module
  • Save time
  • Increase conversion

Schedule a test drive

The customer selects the location and the car and then sees if the car is available. You can easily set the availability of the cars yourself. The appointment made comes in at the relevant location and can even be linked to a salesman, who is then informed of the appointment made. If desired, this appointment can also be added to your Lead Management System (LMS). The customer will receive a confirmation by e-mail or SMS.

  • Appointment confirmation by email & SMS
  • Own management of the online agenda
  • Automatic connection to salesman possible

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