Plan-IT Welcome is the perfect addition for your customer-oriented after-sales process. With a personal message upon arrival, customers feel welcome in your workshop. It is possible to see appointments and the status of the work. Plan-IT Welcome can be set up completely according to your own wishes. To be able to use it in your workshop, you need Plan-IT Online, Plan-IT Workshop and our CRM API.

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Customisable appearance
  • GDPR-proof

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Plan-IT Welcome

The perfect connection to your customer-oriented after-sales process

Greet and guide your customers

The digital welcome board can be used to personally greet your customers when they enter the workshop, direct incoming customers to the right counter and keep waiting customers informed about the status of their car.

It is also possible to display offers and advertisements, the current weather or the most recent news on the digital board. You can set up and manage the board completely according to your own wishes. In this way you increase the service level and customer satisfaction. 

  • Greet and guide customers
  • Personalise the welcome board
  • Multifunctional
  • An extra moment of contact with your customers

Completely GDPR-proof

Increase customer satisfaction immediately upon arrival and give your customers personal attention. In the context of GDPR, it is possible to show or not show certain information on the welcome board. This depends on the agreements made and the permission of your customer. You can set this up yourself so that you can fully comply with the GDPR privacy legislation. 

  • GDPR proof
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Outstanding service

Get started quickly with the digital welcome board

Plan-IT Welcome only requires an internet connection and a screen. That's all! With a Smart TV you are ready in one go. You no longer have to worry about software maintenance. Plan-IT Welcome runs in the cloud, and we ensure that you always use the most current version. 

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