Plan-IT Workshop Web is a digital scheduling system, essential for your workshop. Plan-IT Workshop Web is a fully cloudbased (SaaS) product which offers you the best combination of both Plan-IT Workshop (workshop scheduling tool for your workshop) and Plan-IT Online (online calendar, which can be installed on your homepage). All workshop appointments are displayed at one clear screen and work in the browser. You can easily maintain an overview in your workshop and easily adjust and move appointments, change employees and view the status at a glance. You can manage appointments flexibly.

  • Fully cloudbased (SaaS)
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Adaptable to own wishes
  • Easy connection with DMS's

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Plan-IT Workshop Web


Easy management with our digital scheduling system

With Plan-IT Workshop Web, you have an overview in your browser of how much work is scheduled in the coming days and weeks, how many technicians are available in the workshop and where there is still room for other activities. Multiple users can work simultaneously from different workstations. New work can be scheduled quickly and with few actions. Appointments can easily be moved if necessary. The advantage of Plan-IT Workshop Web is that it works in the browser, no installation is required.

  • Multiple users can work at the same time
  • Works in browser, no installation required

Plan appointments via online schedule

Customers can view the availability of the workshop via an online agenda, which can be integrated into your company's website. They can submit an appointment request themselves. A reservation is automatically placed on the date and time on which the customer makes an appointment (request). This way we prevent a double appointment from being scheduled.

You can choose to send an automatic confirmation of the appointment made by e-mail or SMS to the customer.

The administration of replacement transport can also be easily updated in Plan-IT Workshop Web. At a glance you can easily see which vehicles are still available on which days.

  • Avoid double appointments
  • Appointment confirmation by email or SMS
  • Easily arrange replacement transport

More efficient work process for your workshop

Plan-IT Workshop Web integrates with almost every Dealer Management System (DMS) to make the work process more efficient. Plan-IT Workshop Web returns all relevant data to the DMS. The process flow works best this way because there is only one source of information: the DMS. The information is passed on from the DMS to Plan-IT Workshop Web. In this way, Plan-IT Workshop Web can find the availability.

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