Europe embraces Dutch planning software Plan-IT


In December 2020 our Brand Story appeared in the oliebollenspecial of Automotive Management

Making an appointment online for maintenance, MOT inspection or winter tire change is still growing in popularity. With Plan-IT planning software, such an appointment is immediately shot flawlessly in the planning. And that is appreciated. "Recently, an enthusiastic user explained in a Zoom meeting why the entire dealer group should use Plan-IT."

Due to an acquisition, Plan-IT had "suddenly" arrived at that large dealer group. Plan-IT account manager Leon Wonnink was pleasantly surprised by the plea of the aftersales employee. “He said with great passion that our software not only guarantees turnover, but also ensures that employees enjoy working.”


The Plan-IT story started 25 years ago in Venray. The local Ford dealer wanted to get rid of his physical planning board with the colored cards. Subsequently, the digital planning board Plan-IT was born. Software for workshop planning has now become the core business of JDS business automation and Plan-IT has acquired a unique position in the market. Owner Julian Hendriks knows why: “Planning is a part of a DMS package. Our specialty. Our package originated from customer demand. That is appreciated." This added value has also permeated the providers of dealer management software. "We link and integrate with all commonly used DMS systems."

Online planning

One of Plan-IT's most important USPs is the seamless integration with online planning. “Our software links the online form to the calendar in real time. In this way, optimal use is made of the available time and no aftercare is required. Our system also applies the applicable flat rates. That goes deep and precise. A tire change with or without a rim change is such an example ”, Leon Wonnink illustrates. Opting for Dutch planning software means investing in optimal planning, but also in more customer satisfaction and a more efficient organization. Plan-IT brings peace of mind because online appointments are scheduled "on the spot" and an SMS and / or app is sent when the car is ready.

Personal attention

Hendriks: “Plan-IT removes the peak load on the telephone and counter and thus makes room for personal attention. As an after-sales manager you have time to explain the invoice or discuss the points for attention of the car with the customer. ” The qualities of Plan-IT have now also been discovered internationally, as acknowledged by Daimler AG, Volvo Gothenburg and Renault. In Belgium and Germany, dealers have been planning with the Dutch software for some time. Further expansion of Plan-IT is imminent in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. The step to the universal channel is also close by in the Netherlands. Curious about Plan-IT? “Every car company can apply Plan-IT free of charge for 30 days,” Leon Wonnink emphasizes.

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