New release: Plan-IT Online


A new update for Plan-IT Online is available

A new update for Plan-IT Online is available. Including the following changes:

  • Added option to make radiobutton jobs mandatory
  • Added option to hide the comments field (for example for tire change planners)
  • Plan-IT Online on Date now also displays the jobs above the calendar in the first style (this allows the On Date module to respond better to settings of jobs that affect the occupation)
  • Added option to disable the first available plannable date
  • The mileage check in the step planners have been improved
  • The latest step layout has severalimprovements:
    • When selecting an establishment, the planner immediately proceeds to the next step
    • Long establishment names are better displayed
    • The jobs (radiobuttons) are better displayed (bij lange namen)
    • Bugfix if there were no extra jobs and only waiting then the title extra jobs is not displayed
  • Double quotes are filtered in the extra texts of jobs
  • Iframeresizer is upgraded to the latest version
  • With every step the planner now moves up better (in the iframe)
  • The size of the thank you page has been improved and now resizes better
  • Waiting option is displayed separately in one-page-planner

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