Plan-IT and PitCrew start collaboration

Plan-IT and PitCrew start collaboration


Plan-IT and PitCrew will collaborate in the field of maintenance management. A number of lease companies have asked to develop a system with which they can send the maintenance of the lease car to affiliated partners.

The order was acquired by PitCrew (known from ROB Net, among others) and since the maintenance had to be well scheduled, they quickly ended up with Plan-IT, the market leader in maintenance scheduling.

Due to the flexibility of the Plan-IT modules, a connection could quickly be realized to the PitCrew platform. This has resulted in the first lease companies working with this new joint product as of the first quarter of 2022. 

The collaboration ensures that the lease driver can easily schedule a maintenance appointment in their own surroundings and everything runs smoothly for the lease company. With these kinds of partnerships and the continuous development of our products, Plan-IT International sees room for further growth. 

Leon Wonnink of Plan-IT International:
“We used to learn about the 4Ps.
We have now given it a twist of our own:

  1. Plan-IT
  2. PitCrew
  3. Participation
  4. Planning

We look forward to a successful collaboration with PitCrew and certainly in other areas there are still plenty of opportunities to intensify this collaboration.”

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