Plan-IT as a certified partner of Keyloop


Plan-IT is now officially certified partner of the international Partner Program of Keyloop.

API Integration

Thanks to the Keyloop certification, we can now offer this link to all Autoline users as well as EVA relations via Keyloop. With the API link between Plan-IT and the Keyloop DMS, we jointly aim for the best user experience.

The API integration provides a seamless, real-time link between Plan-IT and the Keyloop DMS. Changes to the DMS work order are automatically adjusted in Plan-IT and changes to the planned date and time in Plan-IT are also automatically adjusted in the DMS. This applies to both DMS Autoline and EVA.

The combination of Plan-IT Workshop and Plan-IT Online provides Autoline and EVA users with the optimal workshop planning.

“We are often told by customers that they must regularly adjust their online module to the actual occupancy, but then by hand. That is no longer of this time. By setting up Plan-IT Online once, we display the actual occupancy online”, says Leon Wonnink.

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