Plan-IT & CARMEN automotive launch new partnership


The frustration of scheduling and registering workshop appointments on multiple locations is now in the past! Thanks to the newly developed connection between Plan-IT and CARMEN automotive, it's now possible to schedule each new workshop appointment in the various systems used by the brand dealer with just one action. Valuable time is saved and repeating actions are avoided. Leon Wonnink (accountmanager Plan-IT) and Koen van de Laar (business partner CARMEN automotive) foresee many relieved service advisors.

It might be the most underestimated problem as a service advisor: having to register workshop appointments two times or sometimes even three times for MOT, maintenance, and tyre changes for example. A result of the diversity of systems with many dealer companies.

"Performing these tasks is often mind-numbing, does not add anything, and weighs unnecessarily heavy on the already busy service advisor", tells Koen van der Laar. "This causes a lot of frustration, for which there was no solution yet."

Unburden the service advisor

A connection with which every workshop appointment can be scheduled in the various systems with just one action, is high on the wishlist of many service advisors from the experience of both Plan-IT and CARMEN automotive. Coveted time comes available for the service advisor and his work will become more interesting.

Plan-IT and CARMEN automotive

“The applications for this workshop planningsoftware and the customercontact software of CARMEN automotive are in line with each other”, tells Leon Wonnink of Plan-IT. “When more and more joint customers started to acknowledge the problem, this was the proverbial 'last push' that we needed to get started with a connection. It was therefor decided in mid-2018 to develop the connection.”

It is a great milestone to now, in the first quarter of 2019, be able to present the connection Plan-IT CARMEN to all dealer companies in the Netherlands.

About the connection

The connection is for service advisors at dealer companies (-groups) that are using a Plan-IT module Workshop of higher. Available in three variants:

1. VIEW APPOINTMENTS: provides insight in workshop history (from Plan-IT Workshop and higher)

2. CHECK AVAILABILITY: provides insight in workshop history and -availability (from Plan-IT Online and higher)

3. SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS: provides insight in workshop history and -availability and the possibility to schedule appointments (from Plan-IT Online On Time)

Opm. the DMS connection with the Plan-IT module that is in use by the dealer company (-group) determines whether the appointent is also automatically processed in the DMS.

Do you also want to schedule workshop appointments without the frustration of registering it twice?

Service advisors of companies that use Plan-IT and the CARMEN portal can now activate the connection. Please contact CARMEN for that.

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