Air New Zealand. Eerste verkoop en samenwerking van Plan-IT buiten de Europese grenzen

Plan-IT International goes down under


Plan-IT International has recently expanded its network of partners and distributors by realizing its first partnership beyond the borders of Europe. Plan-IT International welcomes Systime, part of Auxo, as a new partner for New Zealand and Australia.

Systime had been looking for some time for a partner who has a product for workshop scheduling, including online booking for workshop appointments in an Autoline environment, available in the market. They came across Plan-IT International through Keyloop's partner program.

This contact has now led to a partnership between both parties, and Systime has been supplying Plan-IT International products to its Autoline customers as a Plan-IT distributor since September 1, 2021. The first customer for Plan-IT International is the dealer organization of Blackwells, who will switch to Plan-IT Workshop in combination with Plan-IT Online in the coming weeks with its Isuzu branch.


Blackwells is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Since 1923, the Blackwells name has been synonymous with 'the great New Zealand driving experience' and has grown into one of the largest independent car companies in New Zealand. Blackwells include a number of big names such as; Mazda, Holden, HSV and Isuzu Commercial Trucks.


Auxo is based in Auckland, New Zealand with its solution Systime. Systime is the supplier of the DMS Autoline in New Zealand, Australia and a number of surrounding islands. In addition to Systime, Auxo has two other software solutions in the market, SAM and Orion.

Plan-IT International

Plan-IT International is located at Keizersveld 25 in Venray and as an ICT company it is fully focused on developing, supplying and managing solutions for planning issues within the international market of retail automotive companies. It has been active in this sector since 2000 and supports its customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.

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