New release: Plan-IT Online


A new update for Plan-IT Online is available.

A new update for Plan-IT Online is available. Including the following changes:

  • In case a copy of an on-time establishment refers to an establishment from another account (other UserId), the groups need to be managed in the original account. The groups can be automatically selected to link to the jobs of the copied establishment.
  • In establishment info, the EstablishmentId and CapacityId and Name of the establishment are shown to which the capacity refers.
  • The availability of the replacement transport (when connected to Plan-IT Workshop) can be shown at Replacement Cars -> Availability.
  • A category can be selected to subdivide a job under. In combination with the front-end Mercedes OAB, a direct subdivision will already exist with a title and an icon.
  • Thankpage-URL added to new layout.
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