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New release: Plan-IT Workshop version 6.171.1911 available


Since 12 October 2020, a new version of Plan-IT Workshop is available.

When you have questions regarding the new release, then please contact our helpdesk via: or via 0031 478-531444

Plan-IT Workshop version 6.171.1911

Changes / additions

  • Connection with statuses and time registration with iCar
  • Overcapacity hours is now also visible in the occupation overview with replacement transport
  • SMS module: it is now possible to enter the opening and closing times of a business day and a weekend day for the establishment in the SMS module. These can be entered in the SMS reminder with the tag [TIJD].
  • Appointment confirmation now also take the new opening times into account
  • Calendar items in appointment confirmations now show the correct times, and include more information. Also takes the new opening times option into account
  • Made a change that when the CRM API is activated in Plan-IT Workshop, that it is mandatory to click the ‘Initialize CRM API’button.
  • Made changes to the Autoline connection for New Zealand and Australia
  • Made it possible to turn VPS on or off independantly from the iDas license.
  • Made the mouseover also available for the daily planning window
  • With the automatic import to the clipboard, the main job is now also selected when it exists as operation (or code) in Plan-IT.
  • In the appointment confirmation, the salutation ‘De Heer’ (coming from the DMS) is changed to ‘Heer’ to make the salutaion in the appointment confirmation more natural. (also in the SMS reminder)


  • Default Time registration connection now also updates the CRM API
  • Extra check for iDas clockings on index.1
  • Adding a day off with multiple days where the end date of this period falls in the period of other days off.
  • Relacement transport mail now has a new line for each item with the customer details again.
  • It is now mandatory in the calendar to select a group when selecting the second online module
  • When the option to get a question when the work order runs over to the the next day is activated, the question will not pop up when the work order is automatically updated by the DMS
  • Bij overhalen reservering uit Plan-IT Online wordt nu ook de bezetting meteen aangepast. (als deze optie aanstaat in de systeeminstellingen)


  • Autoline connection: We now also save the department in Plan-IT so we can forward this to the CRM API for the PON Service Journey
  • Autoline connection: Made a change to the Dutch BMW database name for the Autoline connection ODBC. Added prefix and infix in the connection
  • XML connection: When the driver is not entered in the import, we use the owner information
  • Autoline connection: Plan-IT also checks for status changes of work orders that are scheduled over multiple days now
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