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New release: Plan-IT Workshop version 5.171.8443 available


From September 18th, 2017, the new version of Plan-IT Workshop and Plan-IT Workshop Compact will be available.

If you have any questions about the new release, please contact our helpdesk via: or via 0478-531444

Version 5.171.8443

Changes / Additions

  • System Settings button to initialize the CRM API.
  • Lock and Unlock of a work order can be turned off so that this can be done by users. (System setting) In addition, it can be adjusted that this can be turned on again by a user+. For example, you could ensure that Admin, Master and User+ are allowed to do this and Users are not.
  • New status added 'Final check ready'.
  • Name of the status 'Technically ready' has been changed to 'Mechanic ready' to give some more clarity on the meaning of this status.
  • Added Fastlane checkmark on the work order. This is also passed to our CRM_API.
  • Parts ordered and Parts within check marks have been moved to the key indicators tab to give more space on the main screen.
  • First date of admission is exported when selecting tires from the warehouse
  • Parts ordered and Parts within checkboxes have been added on the SA screen
  • Watchman, get car / customer now also check on SA screen
  • Close button moved on SA screen


  • If you search for a work order incorrectly and then cancel this work order, the work order will no longer be deleted.
  • VPS from import work order iDas now also passes on the correct occupation of the extra technician to the online module.
  • Easier to add multi-specialties to an employee if they were not previously included in the planning. (or could handle all edits)
  • In the appointment confirmation template, the delivery date is now filled in with the [date] tag for a time appointment
  • Printout replacement transport will no longer appear under the work order screen if the preview on the screen is turned on.
  • Intelligent checkmarks are now also enabled when importing a work order. This makes strange combinations no longer possible

Replacement Transport

  • Rentwise in combination with Plan-IT can use replacement transport. (see here for more information)
  • Possibility to enter your own e-mail address for each replacement transport where the replacement transport e-mail should be sent. This allows you to determine who will receive the e-mail per replacement vehicle (see here for more information)
  • Copy work order on the next day also includes the replacement transport in the copy work order. (see here for more information)

Appointment Confirmation

  • Appointment confirmation template has an addition so that you can also add some text to an appointment confirmation to make the appointment confirmation a bit more personal. Before sending the e-mail you will get a popup where you can enter some text. Tag [added_text] (see here for more information)
  • An option can be turned on that before sending the appointment confirmation (if it is set to automatic), you will first be asked whether it really should be sent. (a kind of extra check)
  • It is possible to enter a sender name with the appointment confirmation. As a result, the customer does not see the e-mail address but the name of the dealer (or whatever is entered there). If this option is empty, the e-mail address is simply made visible to the customer (as is now also already the case).
  • The [enddate] tag has been added in the appointment confirmation template. This includes the end date of the work order, or the pick-up date of the time appointment if it is enabled.


  • De Reindex heeft nu ook een logging zodat gezien kan worden wanneer deze gedraaid is en op welke vestiging.
  • Extra logging ingebouwd. (Elke verwijder actie wordt nu bijgehouden)


  • Created new SMS reminder for work orders where the customer's car needs to be picked up.
  • SMS Exceptions can be imported into Plan-IT. This ensures that people who have indicated that they do not want to receive SMS will not receive them. (see here for more information)


  • Can suppress warehouse for a user so that it is not visible

Plan-IT Online link

  • Plan-IT Online can also set multiple specialties per operation on the online side. As a result, you will find the right engineer even better in Plan-IT Workshop.
  • It is now also possible to choose a different specialty on a specific day within 1 Online 'on Time' module via the calendar.


  • Autoline: Autoline_Workorders link has the ability to determine how far back in the past should be. This gives the possibility to make the connection faster (see here for more information)
  • Optima21 and Drakar+: When a work order is removed from Plan-IT, this is fed back to the DMS so that the work order can be disconnected.
  • Optima21 and Drakar+: When adjusting only the customer, this is also processed in Plan-IT
  • Optima21 and Drakar+: Adjustments have been made in reading the calendar and days off so that several employees can have the same employee number.
  • System setting for links to be able to be the processing times per processing line and total time when importing from the DMS with our standard XML link (time in minutes)
  • Optima21 and Drakar+: Check on customers and license plate database whether the format is correct
  • Standard XML link returns more information to the DMS so that they can do more with it.


Our CRM_API receives more information from the Plan-IT work order.

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