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New release: Plan-IT Workshop version 5.171.8740 available


From January 24th, 2018, the new version of Plan-IT Workshop and Plan-IT Workshop Compact will be available.

If you have any questions about the new release, please contact our helpdesk via: or via 0478-531444

Version 5.171.8740

Changes / Additions

  • Made it possible to maximize the schedule board
  • Work order number is immediately visible with replacement transport if a work order is linked to the replacement transport.
  • Work order can be made longer or shorter if it is in the bulletin board.
  • The number of planned hours is now also visible on the occupancy overview.
  • Full block on dragging a work order larger and smaller. (from User+ can disable this block + Admin & Master)
  • Be able to import exception list for emails. If the e-mail is in the list, it will not receive an appointment confirmation. (The e-mail address is also removed from the crm api so that this customer is not approached. daily schedule. (this can only be enabled if the statuses are not passed on from the DMS) Plan-IT must become the source for the statuses
  • If the option in the system settings Block on overcapacity scheduling is enabled, ADMIN and MASTER accounts can still schedule. Only users are not allowed to do this.
  • The User+ has the option with a system setting to enable the option in his rights profile to be able to plan in excess capacity. Even if the Block on overcapacity option is enabled in the system settings. This way you can only turn on the block for the users (User+  is allowed to do this anyway)
  • The overview has a new checkmark with which only the active work orders are visible (Everything under the status 'Mechanic ready'). This is also included in the printout.


  • Possibility to get a question with the SMS reminder whether it should be prepared. This option can be turned on in the system settings. The log will show if a user has pressed no when this question comes up.
  • Added in the SMS module where you can set that you can enter two values ​​where the phone number should start with. eg. 06 or +316 With this addition you can ensure that an SMS only goes to a mobile number. For example, the fixed telephone numbers no longer receive a spoken SMS message.
  • New appointment reminder option. (added return message for customer) Here the tags [DATE] and [TIME] are filled with the return date and time agreed with the customer from the work order.
  • New TAG [RECEPTION]. This tag is replaced by the receptionist's name from the work order.


  • VIN at tire change print overview made slightly larger so that the entire VIN is visible
  • Selection for printing DOT numbers can now be entered from – to DOT.
  • Storage location can be set as required field
  • When printing labels, a check is also made whether everything is properly filled (just like when storing the tire change
  • Possibility to choose tire brand and type from selection list. (and do an import of a tire brand and type list)
  • End-of-storage comment line is now also printed on the tire pass


  • Autoline: Autoline_Workorders.exe has a new parameter 8. This parameter ensures that you can also pull work orders without having to enter the customer date and time first. You can then create a work order in Autoline.
  • Transfer to Plan-IT, and then Plan-IT fills in the date and time in Autoline with the feedback.
  • If the directory where the DMS stores its files is not available, the path where it should be located is now also displayed. This makes it easier for system administrators to add the correct path.
  • Autoline: Feedback to Autoline (PON) can also return the pick-up and return times. (system setting)
  • Optima21 and Drakar+: Adjustment with import calendars. Calendar will also be deleted if it is reported to be empty.
  • In the Wincar link, the check is also done on APK so that the check mark is automatically activated in the work order


  • Occupancy on Date passes on minutes instead of quarters so that the pre-registration can be removed in minutes.
  • When initializing occupancy online, both calendars are now always emptied before transferring to be filled again.
  • Incadea link returns the correct duration of a work order (Engine link)
  • Extra check when storing replacement transport that the end time may not be the same as the start time (on the same date)
  • SMS reminder takes into account the Time Appointment date when sending reminder.
  • Autoline_YearkalenderRun.exe now takes leap year into account.
  • Notification of max number of waiters at the same time now only looks at the waiting time and not where the work order is in the schedule.
  • Sending individual SMS with the tag [TIME] shows the time as follows for a time appointment: 12:45 instead of 12:45:00


  • The log also shows that it is a copy work order.
  • When creating a work order, the end date, end time and technician are also included in the logging.
  • When moving a work order, the end date, end time and technician are also included in the logging.

Appointment confirmation

  • If price agreement is 0, the line is no longer printed on the appointment confirmation (HML Template)
  • Appointment Confirmation HTML Template Now also the tag [job] can be added. This [job] tag is replaced by the master operation in the work order.
  • Appointment Confirmation HTML Template now also has the tag {waits} Everything after this text is displayed if the customer is a waiter.
  • Appointment Confirmation HTML Template [added_text] automatically translates the € sign before the html euro sign €
  • The first 100 characters of the [added_text] appointment confirmation template are logged. This allows you to see what is sent to the customer as extra text.
  • [establishment] included as a tag in the appointment confirmation template. This is replaced by the name of the company that is in the system settings with the mail.
  • Additional tags have been added to the appointment confirmation template. You can now even better compose the mail that goes to the customer. Check out our FAQ on the website for more information.
  • Extra logic built in with the CaRe-Mail link so that if a strange combination of Time Appointment and Pick up and Delivery prevents us from only passing on Time Appointments.
  • Possibility to see the appointment confirmation in Microsoft Outlook before sending the appointment confirmation. (this only works with Microsoft Outlook)

Tour list

  • The ride list can now handle a maximum of 99 routes per day. (this was 9)
  • Trip list now also saves the changes if you press close and you have not yet confirmed the rule. (by going to another line)
  • The journey list shows what needs to be picked up or brought (customer or car)
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