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New release: Plan-IT Workshop version 5.171.9814 available


Since 8 March 2019, a new version of Plan-IT is available.

From now on we will roll out releases for Plan-IT more oftenbecause of our Continuous Delivery principle.
This way we will be able to respond to request from the market even quicker.

When you have questions regarding the new release, then please contact our helpdesk via: or via 0031 478-531444

Plan-IT Workshop version 5.171.9814

Changes / Additions

  • On the collection list is now also printed whether the customer or the car needs to be picked up
  • Rentwise XML connection now provides more information (operations)
  • Cleanup now also removes reservations
  • Added system setting to automatically move collect and deliver dates relative to the planned date of the work order
  • Extra operations are now also sorted on order number instead of alphabetical order
  • Calendar item now also fills in the name of the establishment in the Location field, how it is entered in the system settings for mail. This way the customer knows where he has the appointment.
  • Added possibility to configure address details for each establishment and include them in the appointment confirmation e-mail as well through new tags (check our FAQ online for all tags and descriptions)
  • Added Forgot password funtionality. (more info)
  • Copies of workorders can now be made visually recognizable on the planboard.


  • iDas Webservice connections, triggers now also respond to the codes from iDas
  • Calendar item had a strange time notation with customer waits and time appointment work orders
  • Sending over iDas calendar now also works fine when not using Plan-IT Online 'on Time'
  • Manually triggering iDas days off now works for all employees
  • Negative time not allowed on the clipboard anymore, when a main operation is set to negative time by a user.
  • SMS reminder is not scheduled anymore when the send time has expired.
  • iDas webservice connection import work order can now also process the order os the customer name. (systemsetting checkbox)


  • Autoline connection: Able to set blockade per user to prevent importing work orders in the wrong establishment. (So for instance importing a work order from Autoline establichment 20 to establishment 10)
  • DMS client number and DMS owner number are now visible in Plan-IT with the customer data. This way you can check what has been sent over from the DMS when importing.
  • iDas vrijedagen sync now fetches all employees that fulfill the conditions
  • Our default Export XML now also reports collect and return data back to the DMS
  • ODBC Connection EVA
  • With import XML work order, the brand that is provided to Plan-IT by Incadea in capitals is converted so that only the first letter is a capital and the rest in lowercase
  • Dracar+ check when processing work order now occurs on the code "W" and now on the establishment number anymore


    • Dayplanning can now also handle the automatic break logic from Autoline clockings
    • Dayplanning can now also establish the relationship between the Autoline clocking on a work order and a copy work order in Plan-IT
    • When clocking out a work order in Autoline, Plan-IT will calculate how much time is still left in relation to the planning. The remaining time is now visually displayed. When the mechanic reports the entire work order as ready, and no clockings are needed anymore, this remaining block will be automatically removed

The moment when the mechanic reports the whole work order as ready, and no clockings need to be done on it anymore, this remaining block is also removed automatically again.

  • Added new index to link copy work orders to Autoline work orders
  • It is now possible to turn the automatic planning button in the dayplanning on or off
  • It is now possible to make the remaining available time visible on the dayplanning board. The time still available, onderhanden work, work stock and the status of all these times. (is there still time available or not enough anymore)
  • Removed some information that is not really needed for the dayplanning, so that the dayplanning board displays only information that is useful in the dayplanning.
  • The dayplanning board now also supports tabs.
  • Mechanics can be hidden on the dayplanning board. This way you can suppress all mechanics that are being used for something else.
  • It is now possible to collect morework from Autoline to the dayplanning in Plan-IT for the current day. This way the work order will automatically become longer when more time is booked in Autoline.

Tire manager

  • Postal code is now also visible on the from stock print of a tyre
  • New peint added on which you can see for each width how many tyres there are in the warehouse
  • New print added to get all tyres for which the registration number is equal to the last 8 digits of the VIN
  • Tyrechange list print now shows the width instead of the rim brand
  • User+ can now also get access to the management section for the warehouse
  • User+ can now also be limited to only adding storage in the management section of the warehouse.
  • Warehouse name can now be edited. All tyres in storage will be changed to the new name.
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