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New release: Plan-IT Workshop version 5.171.9896 available


Since 7 May 2019, a new version of Plan-IT is available.

From now on we will roll out releases for Plan-IT more often because of our Continuous Delivery principle.
This way we will be able to respond to request from the market even quicker.

When you have questions regarding the new release, then please contact our helpdesk via: or via 0031 478-531444

Plan-IT Workshop version 5.171.9896

Changes / Additions

  • Added employee number to employees. This will be included in the export.exe so that a connection can be made with a financial package.
  • Export.exe is now started without an interface so it can be scheduled as a task. (without having a window on screen each time, but it will run in the background).
  • It is now also possible to export the clipboard work orders (export.exe) Parameters are 0 0 0 5
  • When deleting an employee, the calendar and days off in the future are also deleted (history is not deleted).
  • Login name for Mailserver connection for the appointment confirmation is extended from 30 to 100 characters.
  • Mail can now also support SSL and TLS (for sending mails via Office365 smtp).
  • Extra logging for work orders, when no match can be made between the work order options and the corresponding SMS reminder text.
  • Added Fastlane tag in the appointment confirmation


  • Printing on a Terminal Server with a locally connected printer now works better.
  • SMS reminder now generates a standard text when Plan-IT can not find a configured message for a specific situation because it is not entered (the date in this text is now the date of the appointment, not the date of the SMS reminder).


  • No data return to Dracar+ and Optima21 when it is a copy of a work order.
  • Alpha+ Connection.
  • For Mercedes Germany in combination with Alpha+ connection special Mercedes work order and replacement car print.
  • Made possible for the Autoline_Werkorders.exe task with parameter 14 to also collect the business e-mail when the home e-mail is not entered. (BEMAIL)
  • Multi Autoline DMS support (to connect multiple Autoline enviroments to 1 Plan-IT enviroment)
  • Default XML connection now also has a security (system setting) so that a work order cannot be imported in the wrong establishment.
  • Autoline connection 4 now collects the customer date and not the create date. This way, the work order is sent over on the correct date.
  • The default XML connection now also has the option to automatically import work orders in the correct establishment on the clipboard.
  • Autoline_Werkorders.exe now filters the phone number from Autoline to a valid telephone number (letter characters are removed)


  • Added option to have an employee immediately start to the dayplanning board with the auto refresh option enabled. This way, it can be used on a monitor in the workshop for the mechanics.
  • Default time registration connection now also works in combination with the dayplanning.
  • When closing the daypla nning board by clicking on the X in the topright corner instead of the Close button, a restart of the normal planning board is triggered to prevent a item_found error message

Tire manager

  • With tire change, also the type of tyre is now included when it was entered from the current tyre on the car.
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