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New release: Plan-IT Workshop version 6.171.1834 available


Since August 17th 2020, a new version of Plan-IT Workshop is available.

You can find the Update Procedure here.

When you have questions regarding the new release, then please contact our helpdesk via: or via 0031 478-531444

Plan-IT Workshop version 6.171.1834

Changes / Additions

  • Passwords of connections not visible anymore. (will be displayed with a *)
  • Work orders in the clipboard will not be visible anymore in the overrun bar when they have a date in the past and are not yet set to the status ready.
  • All mails will be sent in html from now on so that all mails can also be sent via office365.
  • Windows login name is now displayed in the login of Plan-IT so you don't have to enter it manually anymore. And this way it is easier to find out what the Windows login name is so that you can activate automatic logging in.


  • Return connection CDK API certification
  • Return connection Autoline https GUID changed
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