Plan-IT will operate under a new banner as of April 2021


Plan-IT has been operating under the banner of JDS bedrijfsautomatisering bv for more than 2 decades in Venray. JDS is now the company, which, in addition to the Plan-IT products and business automation (infrastructure, hardware, telephony, etc.), also produces software for the transport and logistics industry and thus focuses primarily on the Dutch market. The Plan-IT products have obtained such a strong position on the (inter)national market that the connection with JDS bedrijfsautomatisering bv was not always and is not always properly understood.

In order to create a clearer picture in the market and certainly also to the international market, it was decided to let Plan-IT operate as an independent company. All this under the unconcealed name: Plan-IT International B.V., a sister company of JDS bedrijfsautomatisering bv, also located in Venray. Plan-IT will therefore operate under this new banner as of April 2021.

Plan-IT is increasingly expanding in terms of customers and brands, but also in terms of products and services. The ambitions of growth are therefore not limited to the Dutch national borders. After all, Plan-IT has been active in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland for quite some time now.

Plan-IT International B.V. has been around since 2010 and already owns the Intellectual Property (source code) of Plan-IT. This creates several opportunities for Plan-IT to develop not only in a European, but also intercontinental environment.

“We will of course continue to serve our 'base' in the same way as before. We are happy to take our already gained experience with us to our international relations, but that also works vice versa. All this makes the Plan-IT products even more innovative, stronger and more efficient. In short, a classic win-win situation ”, says Julian Hendriks general director at JDS industrial automation and Plan-IT International.

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