Stern Groep, Plan-IT Online & Webstores Digital Partner are joining forces


Stern Groep is one of the largest automotive concerns in the Netherlands with 17 brands and around 75 branches in the country. Stern positions itself as a dealer group with a dedicated approach for passenger cars, vans and trucks.

At Stern Groep, the focus on the customer is one of their priorities: “Everything revolves around easy access to our company for personal or digital contact with our customers”. Where at an earlier stage Stern Groep had already chosen Webstores as a party for the realization of the new digital platform, Stern Groep has opted for Plan-IT Online as a reliable partner as the online planner.

Familiarities within Automotive

Webstores and Plan-IT are both well-known names within Automotive and have already had quite a few collaborations. Both organizations have their own expertise. Webstores has been creating digital platforms that generate leads and realize conversions for 20 years. Plan-IT provides the most reliable online planning solution within the Automotive industry. Both parties are therefore complementary to each other and come across each other a lot. In recent years, this partnership has become increasingly intensive and more and more Automotive companies are choosing Webstores as a leading party for the realization of the digital platform and Plan-IT for the design of the online planner. The present collaboration at Stern Groep is a great reward for the partnership between both parties.

About Plan-IT Online

Plan-IT Online is an online planner that gives the end customer the option to make an appointment via the website. The customer can use the planner 24/7 and make an appointment that suits him / her best. Stern Groep can arrange availability itself at location level and thus has an extra digital contact point with its customers.

The realization of the digital platform is well underway, preparations for connecting the online planner are now in full swing, so that Plan-IT Online can also be quickly integrated on the new In any case, we look forward to a pleasant cooperation!

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