Auto Dekker

Auto Dekker

The response to a very constructive visit by one of our accountmanagers to Auto Dekker with the question whether they would function as a reference, has hardly ever been this enthousiastic.

René Groenendijk has been a Plan-IT user since practically day one. Since 2003 he has been the after sales manager for Auto Dekker. “I can still remember that we used to work with this Modulex board in the workhop. The drawback was that anybody could misuse it. Give himself priority of switch a difficult job someone else. After a 2 week trial with Plan-IT Workshop I immediately took that board off the wall.”

Auto Dekker has been carrying the brand Suzuki for quite some time now and since a few years also successfully carries Peugeot. With establishments in Spijkenisse, Oud-Beijerland and Hellevoetsluis, Auto Dekker is a big name in Zuid-Holland. “I don’t understand that there are still car dealers who work with this board on the wall. Plan-IT Workshop basically is a copy of that board, but with a lot more advantages. It is really easy to use and practically explains itself.

We were scheduling with 4 people when we started. Without struggle I could take the board down after only 2 weeks”, says René. Auto Dekker customers can schedule their appointment on their website at the establishments of their choice. “The good thing about Plan-IT is that I can get a good overview of all establishments. You can see at once where the chances or threats are, which allows me to take charge in time.”

René’s answer to the question what makes Plan-IT unique: “The cooperation from JDS”. Well this complement we don’t mind accepting! Finally René has some advice for his co-car dealers in the business who still use the scheduling board on the wall: “Just quit. Plan-IT works better, is more professional, more complete and the chances of errors are a lot less. This only benefits your relationship with your customers.

We have switched to a DMS with its own schedule in between. But if the board of directors would force me to work with this schedule, I would consider finding another job.”

In short, Plan-IT Workshop does not only make scheduling more efficient, but also makes employees more content.

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