Auto Smeeing

Auto Smeeing

A year and a half ago we received a cancellation from Auto Smeeing. Fortunately not because of dissatisfaction, but because the new DMS contained an integrated planning module. We hear that often and even though we never like to see a customer go, we understand that.

However, with the planning module of the new DMS, Auto Smeeing declined in the number of functionalities of the workshop schedule and therefore lost track of the workshop process. This made Auto Smeeing decide to inquire about Plan-IT again. The question was whether we could link with their DMS system. Of course, no problem! Plan-IT can be linked to most relevant DMS systems in the Netherlands and abroad.

Nico Klok (Chef Client Service at Auto Smeeing) explains the first experiences with the restart of Plan-IT:
“We have an overview of the workshop schedule again. We see what is happening again and Plan-IT is also so easy to use that everyone has started working with it again.

The integrated replacement transport planning works really great. Direct insight into the available cars is what makes the program so strong for us. ”Auto Smeeing tried for a while to work with the integrated planning module of the previous DMS system, but soon found out that it was far behind compared to Plan-IT, which increased the chance of errors. Since they were already an expert by experience, the step towards Plan-IT was quickly taken. With the decisive argument: a link with their current DMS.

“I can keep emphasizing it, but we now have a great schedule, which increases the productivity of the technicians again. With Plan-IT you can fill in and supplement everything according to your own needs. In addition, the software is linked to the online module of Plan-IT, so that our customers can see exactly when and at what times there is room in our workshop. Transparency in its purest form. And that is very much appreciated.”

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